Saturday, October 6, 2007

SF Snoqualmie and The SKY!

Fall is here in the beautiful PNW, and it's been raining like crazy! All the local runs have come up considerably, and although they are dropping again, the last week was a treat. On Wednesday I went up to the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River, to be the photographer for a couple friends on a park and huck adventure. Limpwrist Falls sits just west of the famous-for-rock-climbers Exit 38, barely hidden by a pile of blastrock. This gorgeous beast is a 50 footer, and it was pumping. Scott Waidelich ran first in his inflatable kayak, followed by Dave Morallis in a blue and white Pyranha Burn. Both completely styled the drop, stomped both of their landings. Check out the pictures!!

Dave Morallis approaches the lip of Limpwrist Falls, South Fork Snoqualmie River.

The waterfall, in all its glory, Seattle's backyard park n huck!

Dave in mid- huck.

Scott Waidelich beginning the plunge.

After the 50 footer, we headed further up the pass to a Seattle creeking classic, Fall In The Wall, more commonly typed as FITW. The run is one and a half miles long, 360 fpm. It's totally a novelty run, and I wish I had taken a creekboat, but instead, I got to tramp around in the woods, watch the boys, and look up at the fresh snowline. =) Later on that evening I caught up with a group of guys at Twin Falls State Park, and we ran the class II+ section on the same river, we barely made it off the river by dark, and my fingers were freezing, but it was completely worth the time.

Friday I headed to the Sky with Scott, to catch the tail end of the rain. It was awesome to be on the river, a gorgeous day, but I was feeling sick and called it quits at Boulder Drop. Darn. Good day on the Sky nonetheless. Now I am off to move into the dorms, in Cannon Beach, Oregon. I might not be boating as much as I was all summer, but I'll be updating every time I do! More post room for videos and all that fun stuff! =)

Paddle Happy!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Thompson Weekend!

Hit up the Thompson River this last weekend. The river was a blast. The wind sucked, and the weather was crazy. But overall, the run was incredible. We drove up to Skihist Provincial park, and camped there the first night. When we woke up in the morning, we could see a fresh snow line, just a few thousand feet above our heads. Hit the Thompson, I chickened out of running the Cutting Board rapid. Jaws was absolutely phenomenal though, 15+ foot surging waves, it's an amazing thing to come over the crest of a wave and see the guy in front of you completely disappear into the trough of another one. The upstream wind at the end of the run was crazy, and we were completely beat at the end of the day, but honestly, the Thompson is an amazing river, check it out if you get the chance.

Scott Waidelich in mid bounce on the Frog.

Scott surfing the Frog, he was the only one of our group to successfully catch the wave this weekend.

Scott catches some air in the Cutting Board.

Adrian about to get enveloped by the swirly water in the Cutting Board.

Picture from the road. Sunday was a caravan of rafters and kayakers, and the canyon is absolutely gorgeous.

Adrian getting swallowed by one of the swirly waves in the Cutting Board.

Justin gets some sweet looking air in the Cutting Board.

The author, goofing around with the camera while waiting for the boys. :)

Life, love and lots of rain,
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