Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Big Air Ramp Building Weekend.

A group of people from Professor Paddle went out to the Wenatchee for the weekend, to make preparations for the annual PP Ball. The main task was building a big air ramp, for the competition, at the festival site. We did however, get in some boating. I guided the play stretch, at 15k, on Saturday, and Sunday, carnage. The river was 21k, I swam out of my kayak, ended up in the raft, and we flipped the raft at the top of Snowblind, freakin' huge. I was sufficiently freaked out, but it's all good. Here are some pictures!!

View from my tent, on Saturday morning, it got to 99 degrees that day. Awesome.

Mr. Brett Barton throwin' up a peace sign.

We share the waves in Washington, even with rafts. =S

Dinking around with the camera.

May I reiterate? We share waves here.

Happy Runoff Paddling!