Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pictures from the last year!

Hey guys! Since I don't have trip reports for any of the trips I have done in the last year, I thought I would post a few pictures of what I've been running! Some of the pictures are from trips I have been on, but are of friends. Enjoy the history!

Cable Drop rapid, Skykomish River, WA, Summer 2006. One of my first days on real Class III!

Josh Crossman styles Husum Falls, White Salmon River, WA, August 2007. It was his first day running Husum, stuck it to the man, all five (?) times!

Scott Weide plays on Ben Howard Wave, Skykomish River, WA, August 2007.

Marco Scheuer in mid-cartwheel at an SRK session on Lake Washington, August 2007.

Launching into class IV. Boulder Drop, Skykomish River, WA, August 2007. My second successful run on this rapid!

Screaming down Husum Falls for the first time! White Salmon River, WA, July 2007.

Heather and I jumping off the bridge across the street from Wet Planet. White Salmon River, WA, July 2007.

The Gutter, Payette River, ID, June 2007. Awesome little park and play spot!

Learning to surf... for more than two seconds. Turkey Shoot, Wenatchee River, WA, May 2007.

About to get swallowed by Grannies during my first rodeo. Wenatchee River Festival, Wenatchee River, WA, June 2007.

Another picture of the rodeo, from the other side of the river, WRF, Wenatchee River, WA, June 2007.

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Unknown said...

Hello, i was searching for a picture of people jumping off the bridge at white salmon river and found yours. We did that last week, but did not have our camera with us. Would you mind if i use your picture to show the height of the bridge? Of course, i will make sure that the pic was taken by you. Thanks. Please let me know by email: