Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lower Sky @ 400 something CFS. Not good.

Lately I've been teaching a friend, Nick Weighall, how to paddle. He's been out on the Powerhouse, in the lake twice, and park and practice, (lol) on the Sky. We ran the section from Railroad Bridge, down to Big Eddy, at way too low water, scraped down the entire thing. It was awesome practice though, he stayed upright the entire time, even when I took him through stuff that I thought was going to flip me! Practiced some rolls at Big Eddy, he hit two, swam a couple times, desipite my being next to him. I got a couple bow stalls, half a rotation of a cartwheel, and a couple stern squirts, demoing the '07 Jackson Star. Awesome boat by the way. Gorgeous awesome perfect weather.

Nick Weighall, looking way too dry, smiles below the Railroad Bridge rapid.

Teacher and student, gorgeous weather, allllll smiles!

See that? GORGEOUS day, and everyone was working except for us. Teehee.

We had quite the float down a flat stretch, so we decided to take underwater pictures. I managed to open my eyes, with contacts, and this was the result.

Nick hanging out in the eddy, just about to work on his roll.

Falling over!

Swimming around after missing a couple rolls....

Working on my bow stall, it's almost vertical!

When you swim, you have to empty out your boat, but apparently Nick doesn't mind.

I was just goofing off with the camera while waiting for shuttle, came out with a pretty nice picture, eh?

More goofing off....

Yep, I was bored.

Nick's pile of wet gear.

Paddle Happy!

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